Adamantine Arrow
Prince Lír: "Do something to save her. I will kill you if you don't."
Schmendrick: "Not all the magic in the world can help her now.
If she will not fight him, she must go into the sea with the others.
Neither magic nor murder murder will aid her."

Prince Lír: "Then what is magic for?
What use is wizardry if it cannot save a unicorn?"

Schmendrick: "No - that is what heroes are for."
-Peter S. Beagle

Nature: Mage Order
Faction: Pentacle
Mythologically: Claw of the Dragon
Soundtrack: Holding Out For a Hero - Jennifer Saunders



The Five Phalanxes of Adamant

1: Existence is War

Corollary 1: Opposition defines power
Corollary 2: Unopposed power destroys itself
Corollary 3: Power obeys strategy

2: Enlightenment is Honor

Corollary 1: Promise only what you would have others promise in your place
Corollary 2: Word and Soul must agree
Corollary 3: Honor is your true name

3: Adaptability is Strength

Corollary 1: Do not have preferences
Corollary 2: Die every day
Corollary 3: Employ magic strategically

4: The Supernal is the Self

Corollary 1: Self-purification is Essential
Corollary 2: The Body is Sacred
Corollary 3: The Mind, Body and Soul battle eternally

5: Service is Mastery

Corollary 1: Serve mandates, not individuals
Corollary 2: A throne is a warrior's prison
Corollary 3: Revolutions are creative


Order Titles

Nr listed in front of title is minimum Status required in order to qualify for that position.
0.Talon: Bakkesoldat, nylig innlemmet. Menig.
1.Banner Warden: Har som jobb å passe på en kabal eller lignende gruppe. Offisiell Livvakt.
2.First Talon: Sersjant, har små grupper mages han leder i felten. Organiserer oppdrag.
3.Tunderbolt Guardian: Læremester som skal trene andre innen sitt felt.
4.Adamant Sage: Generalen, den som koordinerer og organiserer de lokale Arrows.


Arrow Fighting Style: Concilium Bureaucracy

Rote Skills

  • Medicine (mental)
  • Athletics (physical)
  • Intimidation (social)

(see 4th Phalanx, corollary 3)


Arrow Legacies


Local Members


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