Nature: Magical alloy
Info: This famous (and infamous) alloy is of particular interest to many theory-focused mages, for though it is indeed an Awakened Alloy one of its two main component isn't a perfected metal at all, but diamonds. This is used as the categorical proof that diamonds and gemstones in general are a sort of naturally occurring equivalent to perfected metals, that they are indeed more supernal in nature and that diamonds should be thought of as "Perfected carbon".

In any case, Adamantine is forged by combining siderite and diamonds, and if the above theory is somewhat correct, the resulting product can be thought of as a form of "Perfected Steel" counterpart to the perfected iron which is siderite. The finished product retains the unbreakable property of that metal but reinforces it with the rigidity and unbending nature of diamond, creating an amalgam which is the strongest and most resilient metal known to date.

While it has a long and proud history in the annals of mages, being one of the most respected and valued of magical alloys, it is also at the center for one of the more infamous instances of veil-breach in modern times. It all has to do with the group of Libertine affictionados who managed to sneak in references to the material in the popular comic book "X-Men", where it's represented as the sci-fi substance "adamantium". That the comic ended up as one of the most famous and well-known properties in popular culture in that part of the world did naught but add gasoline to the bonfire when incriminations and attempted prosecutions were considered.

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