Enchanters on the Path of Thistle
Scions of the Watchtower of the Lunargent Thorn in the Realm of Arcadia
Kingdom of Enchantment and Abode of the Fae


Nature: Path to Enlightenment
Ruling Arcana: Fate & Time
Inferior Arcanum: Forces
Supernal Realm: Arcadia / Faerie / Avalon
Oracle: Kherem, the "Youthful King of Thorns"
Soundtrack: Float On - Modest Mouse




Core Concepts: Fluidity, cause & effect, patterns & systems, rules, games, narrative logic
Defining Traits: Imagination, improvisation, flexibility, willing to take risks, ''flaky'', creativity
Resistance Attribute: Composure
Ideal Virtue: Hope
Inherent Vice: Sloth
Tool materials: Crystal, Glass, Plastic, Silver



Element: Air (Western), Wood (Eastern)
Metal: Silver
Planets: The Moon & Mercury
Weapons: Bow & Arrow, Rapier
Colors: Green & Blue
Animal: Bird
Totem: Unicorn
Jewel: Emerald
Plant: Bramble
Fabric: Wool
Vehicle: Ship
Sleeper Culture: Faeries and elves, Celtic magical symbols, druids, European witchcraft, Norse Vanir, the Eleusinian Mysteries



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